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Welcome to British Home Emporium's Bridal & Gift Registry.

Because we are a full-line home furnishings store you can register for anything from carpets to chandeliers to dining tables and chairs, upholstery, accessories and - of course - dinnerware.

There are two ways to select your gift items and register them with us.

The first method is to shop here on our website. Choose your items and email your list to info@britishpineemporium.com along with your name, address, phone number and email address as well as a jpeg photo of yourself. We will load your items onto to our site under the image you provide on this page.

The second method is to shop in our store at 91 Main Street in Madison, New Jersey. You can browse and shop on your own of course or one of our associates or interior designers will be happy to help. When you are finished we will load your items onto to our website along with the image you provide.

Once you register with us you and the guests shopping for you are instantly entited to special discounts throughout most of the store.

So, please give a call at 973-443-0303 with any questions.