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Our Designers

Nina Karamallis Jihan Tannous Valerie Matthews Sara Fuchsman Bradley Jill Goret

Jihan designs and manages our custom wood works. Her training as both an interior architect and interior designer enables her to design the custom cabinetry and furniture within the context of her design concept for the entire room.

Jihan has served as an interior designer in Morris County New Jersey for over 10 years. She graduated as an interior architect from the University Saint Esprit-Kaslik (U.S.E.K.) in Beirut, Lebanon. In addition, Jihan holds a Graphic Arts degree from the College Central.

She received notoriety in a student art show, and after graduation, taught art at U.S.E.K. as well as working as an interior architect
Jihan's early career was also spent participating in group exhibits during the recent troubled years of Lebanon. Whether in the city or the countryside in the mountains of Lebanon, her watercolors reflect the brilliant Mediterranean light and the simple beauty of Middle Eastern architecture.

In 1989, Jihan immigrated to New Jersey where for nine years she worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and became the Manager of their gift shop in Short Hills, New Jersey. At the same time, she was exhibiting her artwork throughout the state.

Jihan brings her experience as an interior designer, Artist and Manager to British Home Emporium. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English.

To contact Jihan call the store at 973-443-0303 ext 10 or email her at gigart@comcast.net.