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Interior Designers

Jill joined British Home Emporium as an interior designer in 2009 bringing with her more than 20 years of experience in the fashion and custom home furnishing business. During her career, Jill has worked at prestigious fashion houses in New York as a buyer for "one of a kind" textiles, home furnishings, raw silks from Asia and Europe. More recently, Jill has owned and operated The Iddy Biddy Bedding Company, which specializes in custom-made bedding and upholstery for baby through college and beyond. Jill has a great eye for color and texture. She favors an eclectic look of vintage and antique styles mixed with modern simplistic lines. Jill graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences (now Philadelphia University) with a degree in Textile Design and Merchandising. Jill can be reached at British Home Emporium 973-443-0303 or email her at jag8592@yahoo.com.