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Mottahedeh is the recognized leader in luxury ceramic antique reproductions and historic designs, primarily hard porcelain, faience and stoneware. They have developed licensed fine china products with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Historic Charleston Foundation, Mount Vernon, Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Monticello, Tony Duquette and most recently with National Geographic Society. Mottahedeh has been commissioned by the President, the U.S. State Department, and the Diplomatic Corps and offers an incredible collection of timeless fine china dinnerware patterns like Tobacco Leaf and Blue Canton. Founded in 1925 the company focuses on complex and beautiful colors and unique historic shapes in a wide array of tableware and home décor accessories, crafted through centuries old techniques and attention to detail. They have a time proven reputation for producing the best fine porcelain and stoneware in classic and enduring designs. Mottahedeh products are primarily manufactured in Europe, with the largest production in Portugal. They can be purchased today and used every day. Mottahedeh hard porcelain items are durable and microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. The items with gold are the real thing, 22 karat gold.

Mottahedeh Dinnerware