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Nina Karamallis Jihan Tannous Valerie Matthews Sara Fuchsman Bradley Jill Goret src="http://site.britishpineemporium.com/images/yahoo_store/valerie.jpg">Valerie comes to interior design from the world of fashion. A former model, Valerie joined the Estee Lauder Corporation in 1980 as Mrs. Lauder's Executive Assistant. Mrs. Lauder sought perfection, and Valerie rose to the challenge.

Coordinating magnificent corporate and private events in New York, Palm Beach, London and Paris required Valerie to collaborate with five star chefs, top designers and prominent members of society. Whether an intimate dinner for two or an event for thousands, perfection meant attention to detail. These occasions would feature elaborate table settings, spectacular floral arrangements, music performed by extraordinary talent and always a hand selected gift for each guest. Because of these creative opportunities, Valerie's artistic sense evolved to a new level of expertise and sophistication.

After a long and enjoyable tenure at the Estee Lauder Corporation, Valerie left the bright lights of Manhattan to raise her young family and to work her event planning magic on the corporate world of New Jersey. These experiences showcased Valerie's talents to a new audience who began requesting her interior design skills for their homes and offices.

To hone her skills Valerie decided to go back to school for formal interior design training, and in 1999, she unveiled her first interior design studio. Encouraged by her success, Valerie has transformed the beauty of private homes and commercial properties throughout New Jersey and has been featured in philanthropic show houses and at charitable events. Working with construction managers, buildings, architects, master craftsmen in new home design and renovations, she welcomes the creative opportunities and challenges offered at each new project.

Whether you desire to retreat to an intimate salon or create a warm inviting custom kitchen for family gatherings, Valerie is available to share her design talent, product knowledge and enthusiasm to make your dream home come true.

To contact Valerie call at British Home Emporium at 973-443-0303 ext 22 or email valerie@britishpineemporium.com